Iethinisten:ha Iethinonronhkwa Family Wellness Program

The Iethinisten:ha, Te hot to nion ha kie Family Wellness Program opened it's doors in October of 1993. The Shelter provides many services to in-house residents, including but not limited to: one on one counseling sessions, intake, assessments , case plans, referrals, accompaniment to courts and other services, and all health related visits required. We maintain a homey, caring atmosphere where women can take the time to think about their future, their future plans and self-care.


The Program Manager provides overall supervision of all programs and functions of the staff including, hiring of staff, delegation of duties, funding requirements, reports, and budgeting. The Program Manager offers support and guidance to staff and residents.

The Case Management Coordinator provides case work supervision, scheduling, training casual staff, recruitment, and retention of staff.

We provide child care for kids admitted with their mothers in the form of play therapy, assessment, referral, and medical.

The in-house counselor provides one on one counseling, group healing sessions, scheduling of appointments, transportation, module development, and other duties as assigned.

The housekeeper/cook provides cleaning instructions, cooking skills, and general cleaning of the buildings. She keeps a log on supplies and providers so that a clean sanitary building is possible.

The Outreach Counselors provide one on one counseling in the clients home, handles trouble calls, and emergency calls. The worker provides case plans and continues the work started at the Shelter through the six-week program. This worker provides group work in several different areas of need, and works in the schools as a prevention against violence educator. The avenues for education for the community are varied and numerous.

The Men For Change Counselor provides counseling service to men who are referred in by the Justice Program, Courts, and ACFS or CAS for mandated sessions. This worker provides counseling/group work in the Prison in Quebec, and provides group work for offenders of violence cases. A 30-week treatment plan is in the works for this position.

For referral service call: (613) 937-4322 and ask to speak with a counselor or if an emergency please call 1 (800) 480-4208 for 24- hour crisis line. The Iethinisten:ha program and staff are working hard to provide the best possible service to the Mohawk People.