Building and Infrastructure Maintenance

Our maintenance programs use a computerized maintenance management system to ensure safe and efficient operation of all community assets within the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.  Building & Infrastructure Administration oversees and manages the maintenance of Educational Facilities, Department of Health, Department of Community & Social Services, and MCA Administration facilities.

Your contacts are:

Mr. Joe Francis, Senior Maintenance Manager
Phone:  (613) 936-1548 EXT. 1004
Fax:  (613) 938-6760

Mr. Gorman Jacobs, DOH/DCSS Maintenance Manager
Department of Health/Department of Community & Social Services
Phone:  (613) 575-2341 EXT. 3137
Fax:  (613) 575-1311

Mr. Robert Pyke, Admin. Bldgs. Maintenance Manager
MCA Administration Facilities
Phone:  (613) 575-2250 EXT. 3402

Mr. Gerald Thompson, AMBE Maintenance Manager
AMBE Schools
Phone:  (613) 933-0409 EXT. 1406
Fax:  (613) 933-9262