Akwesasne Child Care

(Three Day Care Centers)
Kawehnoke Child Care Center
Administration & Private Home Day Care Center
10 Community Center Road, Akwesasne, Ontario K6H 5T3

Phone: (613) 938-5067
Fax: (613) 936-9421

Directions: go to Kawehnoke, Cornwall Island, turn east onto Island Road, then left to the Daycare Center next to the senior center located in the Cornwall Island Recreation Center.

Kanatakon Child Care Center
21 Park Street, St. Regis, Quebec H0M 1A0

Phone: (613) 575-1915
Fax: (613) 575-1915

Go to St. Regis district turn left on First Street, go up the hill take the second left on Park and Street, turn right to the Daycare, use the right entrance beside the Recreation Hall.

Tsi Snaihne Child Care Center
117 Snye School Road, Akwesasne, Quebec H0M 1A1

Phone: (613) 575-1171
Fax: (613) 575-1869

Directions: Go to Snye past the IO HA HI: IO Adult Education Center and we are located just past the Snye School on Snye School Road.

Open: 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

What kind of services do you offer:

The Akwesasne Child Care Program provides child care services in a day care setting for toddlers and children from 18 months of age through to their fifth (5th) birthday. All three centers are open year round from 7:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday. There are times when they are not open which include statutory and MCA designated holidays, as well as three (3) specified “Professional Planning Days” each year.

What do I do:

Registration packages can be picked up at any of the three day care centers located in each of the three districts. In the packages you will find various forms you will need to complete and sign. But first, in order for your child to begin at the day care, you must have the “Medical Assessment Form” signed by a doctor and an up to date immunization record of each child being placed in the day care.

Where do I go:

Directions are provided for you under each of the day care address in this booklet, or you can call the day care you are interested in for further information or directions.