Focus Meeting On Kawehno:ke Corridor Improvement Project

The community is invited and encouraged to attend a meeting and meal this Monday to contribute feedback and hear preliminary plans for the Kawehno:ke Corridor Improvement Project. 

The Federal Bridge Corporation (FBCL), which oversees the Seaway International Bridge Corporation (SIBC), has funding to improve the island corridor from the foot of the new low-level bridge to Cornwall, to the crossroads on Kawehno:ke. This is the final phase of the low-level bridge project. The FBCL has contracted the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne to oversee components of this project and to conduct a comprehensive environmental assessment and community engagement.

Therefore, MCA’s Dept. of Tehotiiennawakon & Environment Program along with the Department of Technical Services, are requesting your attendance at the meeting in order to gather your input as to what effects the proposed improvement project will have on the environment, from all aspects of life including culture. Plant life, animal species, traditional medicines, historical significance, present uses, are all aspects of the environment that will be examined and your knowledge in these areas will be vital and appreciated.

Community members will also have the opportunity to review the preliminary plans for the improvement project, which currently includes:

  • A park at the base of the bridge
  • Widening of the roadway
  • Construction of access roads to properties along the corridor
  • A roundabout replacing the “crossroads” intersection
  • Sidewalks constructed along the corridor, and a designated path for ATVs
  • Traditional signage
  • & More

Please note that these proposed improvements have not yet been finalized in the completed project plan and your comments and feedback are encouraged as plans are developed. 

The meeting will take place this

Monday, May 15, 2017 at 6 p.m.
at the A’nowara’kowa Arena’s Turtle Room
on Kawehno:ke.
Dinner will be provided.


All community members are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions please contact Project Lead Curtis Lazore at MCA’s Environment Office, 613-575-2250 Ext. 1044.