Housing Component For Solidarity Tax-Process Without An RL-31 Slip

Ohiari:ha/June 27, 2017

Community members residing in the Quebec portion of Akwesasne will be receiving letters from Revenu Quebec outlining the process for proving housing status for the solidarity tax credit without an RL-31 slip. This is for people who own their own house or are unable to obtain an RL-31 slip from their landlord.

Previous to this process, community members received a letter from Revenu Quebec in March 2017 giving an interim process which included directions for filling out schedule D. The instructions being sent by Revenu Quebec in the letter dated June 2017 will replace the process from March 2017.

Revenu Quebec has committed to:

  • Determining the amount of the solidarity tax credit, excluding the housing component for the period beginning July 1, 2017, for individuals who reside on-reserve in Quebec and do not have an RL-31 slip;
  • Sending a noting of determination to each individual residing on-reserve, In Quebec, including a request that they call Revenu Quebec;
  • During this call, Revenu Quebec will identify what other documentation the individual can provide to prove that the individual or the individual’s spouse owns or rents an eligible dwelling;
  • Once proof is received, determining the amount of the housing component and issue a new notice of determination to the individual along with any retroactive payment that may be due.