Donations Being Collected For Marcy Vyse

Tsithohrko:wa/ January 29, 2016

Shekon Sewakwekon:           

Marcy Vyse, our seer in the traditional medicines office is currently undergoing some serious health issues.  During her recovery time, she will be required to focus on her own healing. But as most of you are aware, our traditional helpers that have dedicated their life to doing Creator's work have become solely dependent on the generosity of our people.  It becomes quite difficult during these challenging times in their life to be burdened by household expenses and not be able to fulfill their financial obligations.  

Therefore, I am asking anyone that would like to support Marcy during her time of need to contact Sarah Thompson at the traditional medicines office at ext. 3117 or call Shea or Jennifer at the front desk before 10 am Friday, January 29th.  Any donations and/or cards would be greatly appreciated by Marcy and would definitely lift her spirit.  Please keep her in your prayers so that she may regain her strength and continue the journey that has been set out for her.  Medicines will only cure her body but our friendship will heal her soul.    

Niawenko:wa for all your support. Additional fundraising events will be held in the near future.