Ontario Sixties Scoop Claim

Ennisko:wa / March 29, 2016

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne would like to inform the community about the Ontario Sixties Scoop Claim. The term Sixties Scoop refers to the Canadian practice, beginning in the 1960s and continuing until the late 1980s, of taking First Nation children in Canada and placing them in foster homes or adoption. This Claim is about the forced assimilation of aboriginal children and the loss of their cultures. The Ontario Sixties Scoop Claim holds Canada to its constitutional responsibility for the protection of the cultural identify of First Nation individuals.

In 2010, the Ontario Sixties Scoop Claim was filed. In June 2016, the trial of the common issues in the class action will be heard. This will be the first Canadian case on the issues of cultural genocide and the Sixties Scoop. The result of the trial will identify whether or not claimants will receive retribution for the loss of their cultural identity.

To be eligible for this claim, you must meet the following criteria. To apply, the applicant:

  1. is a registered Indian, and
  2. was removed from your Indian reserve, and
  3. was removed from your Ontario reserve between December 1, 1965 and December 31, 1984, and
  4. was placed in the care of non-aboriginal foster or adoptive parents, and
  5. those non-aboriginal foster parents or adoptive parents did not raise you in accordance with your aboriginal or Indian customs, traditions and practices.

If you meet the requirements and would like to apply for the Claim, please contact the Mohawk Government offices at 613-575-2348. Application forms will also be available at the Mohawk Government Building #2 in Kana:takon (St. Regis).