Tsiionkwanonhso:te Visitor Restriction Lifted

Onerahto:kha /April 25, 2016

Please be advised that the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Department of Health considers the safety of the Tsiionkwanonhso:te residents, employees and community members’ one of our highest priorities.

Effective immediately, the Influenza outbreak has been declared over and the visitor restriction has been lifted. Please continue to practice good hand hygiene, particularly when entering and leaving the facility, both for your protection as well as for the protection of our elders.

Physiotherapy and diabetes clinics will resume as scheduled. If there are any questions or concerns you may contact Tsiionkwanonhso:te facility directly at (613) 932-1409.

MCA Department of Health thanks the community for their cooperation throughout this influenza outbreak. We would also like to take this time to thank Tsiionkwanonhso:te staff, friends and family members for their understanding and cooperation during this outbreak.

For more information, please call the Community Health office at (613) 575-2341 Ext. 3220.