Changes In Kawehno:ke Postal Code For West of Corridor

Onerahtokha / April 27, 2016

The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne has been informed by Canada Post that beginning May 16, 2016, Kawehno:ke Residents who reside west of the corridor and receive their mail at their residence must replace their previous postal code with the new one identified by Canada Post: K6H 0G5. Some individuals may reside west of the corridor but receive their mail at a civic address east of the corridor; those individuals will not be affected. For those who are required to change their postal code, the remainder of the mailing address will remain the same.

Canada Post noted that they were required to make these modifications on Kawehno:ke to provide better service delivery and to ensure that they continue to provide customers with an efficient, reliable service.

Please inform the businesses and individuals that send you mail and parcels of your new postal code so that they can update their records. To assist community members with the change, all residents who were required to change their postal code received Change of Address cards, which you can fill out and send to your mailers free-of-charge. Additional cards are also available at 101 Tewisateni Rd (CIA 3-Home Care/Home Support office).

In order to accommodate residents, Canada Post will be providing a free mail forwarding service for 1 year starting on May 16, 2016. This will ensure that none of the mail or parcels are miss delivered or returned to sender during or after the transition.

For more information on the change of postal code for Kawehno:ke west of the corridor, please contact Daniel Bedard at 613-899-2566 or