Bell Canada Fibre Optic Feasibility Results

Seskeha/ August 9, 2016

Bell Canada had requested to study the feasibility of providing fibre optics to the homes within the districts of Kawehno:ke, Kana:takon, and Tsi Snaihne. The study has been completed. Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Strategic Plan has identified priorities within the territory of Akwesasne, which includes modernization technology.

Bell Canada field workers were placed in each district and canvassed existing infrastructure including number of homes and telephone poles. On June 26th, the detailing and collection of data was completed with regards to homes passed and the required poling information. Those numbers are now being looked at by Bell’s marketing for Fibre to the Home (FTTH) feasibility.

In order to implement FTTH to all areas of Kawehno:ke, Kana:takon and Tsi Snaihne, sufficient fibre capacity is required in existing fibre cable sections from Cornwall to Kawehno:ke, Kawehno:ke to Kana:takon and from Kana:takon to Tsi Snaihne. There is sufficient capacity in the submarine fibre cable from Cornwall to Kawehno:ke and from Kana:takon to Tsi Snaihne; however, there currently is not sufficient capacity in the existing fiber cable from Kawehno:ke to Kana:takon. To place a new cable within that cross section would be an additional and unexpected cost of approximately $100,000 along with delays in permitting for navigable waters. This will be a major cost consideration for possible implementation within the Kana:takon and Tsi Snaihne serving areas.

Bell is still awaiting a marketing decision with regards to providing the service to any or all of the districts within Akwesasne territory. There was a conference call with marketing to provide additional details and discuss the three districts. Bell is hoping marketing will respond in favor of doing all areas presented, and may have a decision by the end of next week. If marketing reaches the decision to provide service to any of the three districts, another meeting with Mohawk Council will be requested to discuss future steps on what will be required from a “build” perspective.