New Walking Trail Opens In Akwesasne's Tsi Snaihne District

Kentenhko:wa/November 21, 2016


TERRITORY OF AKWESASNE – The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is excited to announce the Grand Opening of the Tsi Snaihne Trails Project as part of the AKTIV Akwesasne healthy living campaign! The project development began on September 6, 2016, and over the past two months an Akwesasronon workforce has brought this project to a reality. The new walking trail is conveniently located behind the Snye Recreation Centre, which was identified as an ideal location within the district.

In 2014, the Department of Tehotiiennawakon began working on a community plan to implement a healthier community initiative through eco-tourism and trails development for all three districts and Thompson Island. There were some unforeseen circumstances at that time with funding restrictions and Block 1 land claims on Kawehno:ke which prevented the implementation of a trails system that was proposed within all districts. However, through working with Council and community, the Department of Tehotiiennawakon focused on Tsi Snaihne to assist with the recreational needs within that district. A clearly identified need to increase physical activity, create jobs and encourage the development of eco-tourism businesses was the force behind this initiative.

Over the past two years, the Department of Tehotiiennawakon worked with Mode Maps, Inc to develop conceptual drawings; realistic drawings and also drawings on a grander scale to identify the possibilities of the trail. This includes the potential of a paddling launch area with dock, signage, a bike park, gardens as well as connecting trails to the Tsi Snaihne School. With the assistance of the consultant, staff were able to break down the trails into phases and a costing strategy which has now turned this pilot project into a community initiative: AKTIV Akwesasne.

The Tsi Snaihne Trails Pilot Project has become a true community economic development initiative with all of the partnerships that were developed to improve the quality of life for all Akwesasronon.

“When thinking about this project, the two words that come to mind are Tehotiiennawakon, meaning ‘We all work together’ and Onkwe’ta:ke, meaning ‘For the people,” said Project Lead Tracy Sunday-Cook, using the names of an MCA department and the MCA newsletter.

The Akwesasne Area Management Board was a major partner in the trail initiative and helped celebrate its opening. The AAMB and MCA’s Department of Community and Social Services Community Support Program worked hand in hand to support laborers for the project.

"This project helped us put our clients to work," said AAMB Manager Russell Roundpoint. "We're proud to work together for a project that enhances the Akwesasne community and gives our clients solid on-the-job experience."

Dan Bruyere, CSP Manager, added, “The CSP-DCSS was very proud to support this initiative with our own compliment of clients and funding support and through the partnership with the AAMB.’

With special thanks, we would like to identify and extend our greatest gratitude to the following individuals, programs, departments and organizations, because without the effort from them this project would not have been a reality today:


Chad & Ron Garrow

Richard Tohnetohko Sunday

Dave “Banuck” Sunday and Family

Eric & Linda S. Sunday

Robert “Maday” Sunday

Victoria Ransom


Trails Staff:

George Jacobs – Crew Supervisor

Aaron Thompson

Marcus Thompson

Tory Thompson

Jerome Cook

Eldin King

Robert Hall

Tyler White

Chazz Oakes

Mitchell Skidders

Akwesasne Area Management Board

Akwesasne Child and Family Services

Chief Troy Thompson and Chief April Adams-Phillips

MCA Community Health

MCA Community Support Program

MCA Department of Housing

MCA Department of Technical Services

MCA Economic Development – Department of Tehotiiennawakon

MCA Environment Program – Department of Tehotiiennawakon

MCA Emergency Measures

MCA Akwesasne Family Wellness Program

MCA Mohawk Government

Tsi Snaihne Recreation Committee



For more information please contact:

Shannon Roundpoint, Communications Manager

613-575-2250 Ext. 2210



Tracy Sunday-Cook, Trail Project Lead

613-575-2250 Ext. 1056