Scavenger Hunt Winners

Congratulations to the following three teams for completing the MCA Photo Scavenger Hunt. Each team won a $100 door prize drawn from all teams who completed the hunt. Each participant will also receive a bag filled with MCA goodies.  


  • Penny Peters & Daughter
  • MCA Finance Team - Pam Jacobs, Shelby Mitchell-Adams, Kathy Lazore, Tricia Benedict, Glyniss Bomberry
  • MCA Home Care/Home Support Team - Cheyenne Lewis, Sue Caldwell, Sylvia Lazore, Mary King, Tsiahawi Perkins & Tsiakwas Lazore

 For those who participated but didn’t complete the entire list, please stop by the MCA Communications Unit for a prize anytime after today. Your efforts are appreciated! 


Thank you to all who participated!


Email or call 613-575-2250 Ext. 2210 if you have any questions.